dr ian smith shred diet

Dr. Ian Smith has come up with a new diet known the 4 day wonder diet. This diet comprises of 7 stages. In this process you are able to modify your eating habits. Each stage lasts for 4 days which makes this diet termed as 4 day wonder diet.

4 Day Wonder Diet Review

The 7 different phases of this diet involve various different things. The details are as follows:

* The first stage requires utmost discipline as it demands a drastic change in the food habits. This is a part of detox process.

* The second one makes you learn the new eating habits. You avoid processes food and start taking healthy foods, whole grains and vegetables.

* You start adding some protein to your diet in the third stage. You may take lean meat, fish, eggs and milk during this stage.

* During the fourth stage, you may eat whatever you wish. But you also need to be sure about it that you do not regain the lost weight.

* In the fifth stage, you again start following the restricted food plan.

* The sixth stage is less restrictive and you may eat more foods.

* In the last stage you again follow a strict diet in order to lose the last few pounds.

This diet plan does not have any repetition and that is the best part Dr. Ian Smith’s plan have. This may not be liked by the people who do not wish to follow a certain schedule. It involves changes in your menu that may attract several dieters. Each stage lasts for just 4 days that is not a long period. Acai berry is a natural fat burner that helps you burn the unwanted fat effectively.

Dr Ian Smith had started a 50 million pound challenge. This is a kind of health initiative taken at the national level in order to encourage people to take control over their health.

It advises to stay fit, lose weight and prevent various diseases associated to weight gain.

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